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It's been a couple of crazy months; I've been in the process of moving and along with other personal things. There is some good and bad news....

Bad: since I have been off for here for quite some time, I didn't have any time nor thought about drawing since I've left (with the injury and moving I wasn't able to). So I'd like to draw something that I've always to draw but never got a chance to (something that kind of scared me in my childhood). I'd like to get it done by the end of this week. So hopefully, I will have sometime new uploaded for you all. Then after that, draw a new comic (but that may not be for a while).

Good things are: is I've been introduced with this new type of genre of music NWOTHM (or New Wave Of True/Traditional Heavy Metal) which basically is this genre is trying to get back to the roots of when Heavy Metal was good (70s and 80s; and that statement is just my personal opinion which, I believe is true). Some people hate it and other like it, either way my faith in new music was restored.

Also something unexpected, thanks to several people in my family, I'll be going to college pretty soon (hopefully in the fall) which I'll be working to get degrees within the computer field (I say this as more of a heads up in the future as I may not be uploading as much as I did in the past due to this un-expecting news).

So yeah, thought everyone should know what is happening here and hopefully will have something drawn out by the end of this week.
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The Analog Kid
United States
Just a kid from Wisconsin, born in the early/mid 90s, who enjoys drawing every now and then.

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